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Casa-Museo José Segrelles
After living and working in Barcelona, he decided to take up residence in his village in 1932, and with the desings that he had made during his stay in America, he began to build his own Museum House in 1940. There he lived and painted until his death on 3 March 1969.
 It is in this Museum House where the artist’s most comprehensive anthological collection is found. His many works allow  us to learn about Segrelles´career right from the beginning, with a family portraits, until his posthumous oil “El Pentecostes” (“Whitsun”), the masterpiece of his mystic works.
And there can also be found the illustrations he made for Blasco Ibañez’s novels,  “The Divine Comedy” of Dante, passages of the simphonies nº 5 and 9 of Beetheven, “The Arabian Nights”, and for some other authors such as Poe, Wells and Cervantes. Even a nightmare the painter had is found in one of the illustrations. There are also some outstanding fantasies regarding internal human anatomy, and space or astronomy topics, as well as some important religious works.